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 MKPNews->Monday, January 26th 2009 - client patch 1.3.0 (00638)
Monday, January 26th 2009 - client patch 1.3.0 (00638)

Monday, January 26th 2009 - client patch 1.3.0 (00638)


. Character selection is now always in windowed mode.
. Fixed the "Create Account" button on the login page.
. The tab key now works in the "Create Account" window.
. Error messages are now displayed when an error occurs during the account creation process.
. Fixed some issues with the keyboard focus during navigation of the login screen.
. Fixed some bugs in the login menu after a failure during account creation.
. Fixed a bug that generated an infinite patching loop.
. Fixed a problem that made Ryzom unable to patch on Vista when installed in the "Program Files" directory.


. Increased the maximum limits for graphics settings in setting dialogues to allow for increased visual quality.
. When the interface is hidden (by pressing Shift-F5) the "target reticule" is no longer displayed when hovering the mouse over an entity.
. Added new "Auto" aspect ratios for screen resolution.
. The old position of the window is now always reused when running Ryzom in windowed mode.
. Fixed a crash when the screen resolution was set to lower than 1024x768 in fullscreen mode.
. Fixed a bug when using a screen resolution of 1920x1200.
. Fixed a problem when resizing the window to less than 800x600 in windowed mode.


. Fixed the crash related to the compass that corrupted and reset the interface.
. Fixed a crash when placing a new landmark.
. Added a new command: "/supportChat" that allows you to connect to the CeB support chat from ingame.
. The contents of your bags are now sorted without having to move or remove an item.
. Fixed the Team window not updating correctly when a player leaves the team.
. Fixed a bug preventing players from talking in a faction channel (kami or karavan chat) if they are teamed and have talked in the team channel.
. Fixed a bug that incorrectly sorted the names in the list of guild members.
. Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the team member positions on the map when you left team and entered a new team.
. Fixed some problems with tell management in the Ring.
. Fixed a bug where a message sent to a team channel goes to another team's chat.
. Fixed a bug that unnecessarily displayed a "You win xxx title" message when opening a character's Identity window.
. Fixed a bug when trying to add a non-existent player to the Ignore list.
. Fixed a bug that displayed random messages in the speech bubbles when someone typed an empty message.
. Fixed a bug that removed a player item from the merchant list when the player's inventory was full.
. The IDLE emote is allowed when swimming.
. Added a confirmation dialog when deleting an action from the hands bar.
. Added a fold/unfold button in tell windows and added a notification when you receive a new tell.
. Removed the settings for clouds in the configuration window.
. Removed the old "PvP Challenge" option in the right-click contextual menu.
. Fixed the wrong icon on the Seeds material specialization.
. Fixed the Episode 2 faction pick medium and high quality skins.
. Fixed a bug that made one handed weapons in right hand disappear when doing an emote.

[ TEXT ]

. An error is now displayed in the Sys Info channel when invoking a non-existent command.
. Macros can now display accents (utf-8 characters).
. Accents (utf-8 characters) are now correctly displayed in ingame mails.
. Fixed some typos with all outpost crafting plans in French.
. Fixed some typos in the options window in French.
. The title title00079 (Wayfarer) is now correctly displayed and translated in all languages.
. Fixed some typos in the Outpost war declaration window in English.
. Fixed the incorrect labels for Vampirism Stanzas 6 to 10 in French and English.
. Fixed a French text that was too long on an item sold by a player.
. Fixed a bug where the female title was not displayed in a female player's status.
. Used a shorter name in French for the "Packers" tab to make it fit in the buy/sell window.
. Target window now correctly displays the female titles.
. Fixed an incorrect label in the buy/sell window on the Mount tab.

[ MISC ]

. Removed some exploits.
. Fixed a crash when leaving Ryzom that was related to CTextureBump.
. Fixed a bug where camera height was reset after showing the settings dialog.
. Fixed a problem with the sound listener orientation.
. Fixed a player animation that wasn't displayed correctly when launching a specific spell.



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